Jess Mac


Hello from me, Jess. Me in a nutshell - I am wife to Phil, mumma to Dulcie Mia, business owner and director of

Braid and Blush Studios, Braid and Blush Weddings, Alfresco Bars and Events.
I am a hair and makeup creator, skin worshiper, self love enthusiast, food lover, dream believer, crafter and so much more.
I'm a bit weird, talk too much but make an awesome listener, super odd memory (remember so much, even the weird shizzle) and sometimes don't know when to stop with my words - aka 'brutal'

I often find myself being a people pleaser but in more recent years I know when the people respect me in return.
I can be super obsessive over projects and when I relax I get a new idea! Why not hey! 


I truly believe that life is worth living, but the way you want it to happen. 

Everyone goes through some heartache, loss or pain at some point in their lives, but with faith in yourself, making decisions and working hard you can create the life of your dreams.

I am so passionate about helping people whether it's through being apart of the biggest day of their life, helping look after customers in The Studio, catching up with family, friends and customers, maybe for a coffee and being that

un-judgemental ear. There are so many ways you can be there for people and my mission is to show up and make someones day that little bit brighter, to help others around me feel good about themselves.
I welcome you into following my journey through life, work, motherhood and hopefully help you too if only in the smallest way, feel free to get in touch if I can help in anyway.

Jess Mac 

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